Problem installing a CM12 SP1 primary

Last week I worked on a brand new Configuration Manager 2012 SP1 deployment for a customer. Everything is new, new servers, new Active Directory and a new Configuration Manager hierarchy.

I installed two servers, one for the site and one to handle the database. OS is Windows Server 2012 and the database is SQL Server 2012 SP1.

Anyway after preping the servers the installation started and failed almost at the end. ConfigMgrSetup.log showed

ERROR: Failed to set up SQL Server certificate for service broker “<database-server-fqdn>”    Configuration Manager Setup   


I searched around to see if other people have experienced the same and went over how security was configured and rights provided. Searching revealed that some people have experienced problems due to password complexity – see 

However this didn’t work for me. I examined the stored procedure used to create/backup the SQL broker certificate (spCreateAndBackupSQLCert) and found that it calls CREATE CERTIFICATE and BACKUP CERTIFICATE. I then tried to perform these steps manually and it work with no issues.

Next I tried to access the d$ administrative share on the SQL server from the CM12 Primary Site server and it failed. That lead me to this 

Removing AD auditing and a reboot allowed access to the administrative shares and allowed the installation to complete.

It should be noted that I tried the same setup in my Hyper-V based test environment and the installation completed in the first try.

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