CM12 Tool–Deployment Monitoring Tool

One of the most prominent features of Configuration Manager 2012 is the new application model and the new way of distributing software. The problem – at least for us poor administrators – is that the log files and troubleshooting steps we have learned and perfected since SMS 2 no longer apply. Execmgr.log is no longer the first place to look.

A new tool – Deployment Monitoring Tool – provides an easy to use interface into the status of deployments (applications, software updates) and can be used as the first troubleshooting step when software distributions fails.


On the initial screen you can see various information including the WSUS/SUM server and the maintenance windows.


Clicking on the Deployments tab allows you to see the various software distributions targeted at the machine.


Hitting the “All updates” tab and you can see all software updates that the machine has scanned for. This includes SCUP updates – in the screenshot above notice that a few updates have a bulletin starting with APSB for Adobes security bulletins.

Deployment Monitoring Tool can be used both against the local and a remote machine.

DeploymentMonitoringTool.exe can be found in the Configuration Manager 2012 Toolkit (ConfigMgr2012_Toolkit_RTM_1028.exe) found on

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