Digital MMS–renaming the videos

After returning from MMS 2012 in Las Vegas I wanted to review some of the recorded sessions that I missed in Vegas (because I was in another session, naturally). Problem number one is that the Digital MMS site does not directly allow download of the sessions. That problem can be solved using 

I downloaded all videos and took all PowerPoints from the MMS-2012 site (one by one). You can also download the files from

So with a folder structure of c:\mms2012 with two subfolders ppt and videos I found my next problem – I want the videos to be named logically – that is using the title of the session rather than the code. The video files does not contain any metadata but the ppts does.

So I wrote the following script that solved my problem – use it at your own risk

Download from!334&parid=72229F4A2027CF36!167


When you are done running the script the videos folder should look like this:


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