CM12–Using a specific SQL instance to host the database

System Center Configuration Manager 2012 will only support Latin1 as SQL collation which can cause a bit of grief. Especially since both the instance collation and the database collation must be latin1 – that is you can not simply create a Latin1 database on, say, a Danish-collation instance.

But naturally you can create a new instance on your database and install this with Latin1.

I did this and couldn’t get CM12 RC2 to install. After a bit of digging around I discovered that the problem really is related to the stupid way SQL Server Configuration Manager works.

When creating a new instance SQL will default to use dynamic ports which Configuration Manager does not support. Instead you need to configure the new instance to use a static port. This is done in SQL Server Configuration Manager.

  • Navigate to SQL Server Network Configuration / Protocols for <Instance>
  • Select TCP/IP and properties
  • On the IP Addresses tab you can configure TCP port for each Internet. Select a TCP port and make sure TCP Dynamic Ports = blank. Zero is bad.

Restart the instance. If you instance fails to restart it could be that you have selected a port already in use.

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