CM12–Hardware Inventory Enhancements

One of the truly great, new features of Configuration Manager 2012 is the ability to create and assign a set of client settings to a collection. This allows much better granularity of settings and helps if you for instance have both servers and clients in the same CM12 site. I have configured different settings for software inventory between servers and workstations.

For hardware inventory it is no longer necessary to edit the SMS_DEF.MOF to change which classes are returned as part of the hardware inventory process. Adding/removing classes are done using the administrative console:


If you want to add an existing class that is not press Add … and connect to the machine where the class you want to add exists:


Click Edit… to specify the data type and key fields.


If you have existing .mof files these can also be imported.

A very nice feature

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One Response to CM12–Hardware Inventory Enhancements

  1. Martin says:

    It’s a pity that it’s missing HKLM Reg edits. I wonder if there is any particular reason why? I was thinking that if you don’t want to edit mof files for registry values you want to bring back you could maybe use DCM functionality for that. What are your thoughts on this?

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