CM12 beta 2 Remote Control enhancements

While Remote Control can hardly be considered the most important feature in Configuration Manager for most SMS admins it nevertheless constitutes an important feature for the service desk people.

In Configuration Manager 2012 Microsoft has reintroduced a few features and added some exiting new stuff. Among the key features are:

Gold key – the ability to send a ctrl+alt+del to a remote system.

Copy/Paste between the local and remote system. My company is really happy about this one since many service desk tickets that requires remote control is about missing printer drivers (our users does not have admin rights on their machines).

Scale to fit. Resize of remote control window. When remote controlling a machine you can resize the local window while keeping all of the remote desktop visible.

Lock keyboard/mouse. You have the ability to stop the user from using her keyboard / mouse. Very nice.

Settings can be specified on a collection-by-collection basis. As with other client settings you create a default set of settings and can override these for a specific collection:


“Stealth mode”. You can create settings that allow you to “listen” in on a user. I am sure that would be illegal in Denmark though.

If you need to allow the service desk people to start remote control from outside the CM12 console you can directly call CmRcViewer.exe NameOfMachineToRC. Contrast that with CM07 where you would use rc.exe 1 NameOfMachineToRc.

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