CM12 beta 2–Live Maps

Now that Configuration Manager 2012 beta 2 has been released and made available to all we can discuss a few new features. A key complaint about SMS and ConfigMgr has been that you really can’t track progress or see important operational data within the product.

One of the fundamental pillars of Configuration Manager 2012 is to make the product easier to use. And one of the ways this is done is through visualization within the console.

Have a look at the new Monitoring / Site Hierarchy view


Since I only have a single primary site in my Hyper-V environment this is not terrible exciting. However you can directly see the current status of a site by simply hovering the mouse over. If you want to dive into the actual status you can right click:


From the context menu you can access the status messages directly. Quite nice for larger environments.

To see your sites on top of a geographical map, right click the view and Configure View settings, choose the Site Location tab and add a location to each site. The location can be entered as country, city or even latitude/longitude coordinates.


It would be nicer with a deeper hierarchy and I would very much like to choose the projection and have better control over colors and so on.

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